Slash Cards: The Horror Movie Trivia Game

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What is Slash Cards?

Slash Cards is a horror movie trivia game for 1-6 players. The game consists of two card decks: The Trivia Deck, and The Categories Deck. The Trivia Deck contains 1,375 horror movie questions that span the entire history of horror cinema. The Categories Deck contains 50 Category Cards and 5 Slash Cards, both of which are used to play Slash Cards' two primary game modes: The Slasher and The Survivor. 

In The Slasher, players take turns drawing Category Cards and answering questions. The first player to collect a card from each of the game's five categories wins, but watch out for The Slash Card! If you draw a Slash Card you must forfeit all your cards and start over. In The Survivor, every player begins with a full suite of category cards. Each time a player answers a question incorrectly they lose one of their cards. The last player with at least one card in their hand is the winner.

 The trivia questions cover films from the silent era all the way up to 2015. There are plenty of questions about classics like The Exorcist, Halloween, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but there are also plenty of questions about lesser-known movies like The Innocents, Motel Hell, and Session 9. Players will also find questions about foreign horror films like Eyes Without A Face, REC, and Inside. We've even included a series of questions about scary moments in non-horror movies (Disney, we're looking in your direction). 

 We designed Slash Cards be enjoyed by horror movie aficionados of all levels and backgrounds. We worked hard to make sure the game included enough easy questions for the novice horror fan to compete, but that it also included some very difficult questions about obscure movies that might stump even the most diehard horror junky. 

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Thank you to everyone that helped get Slash Cards printed! The games are finished and in the warehouse. We will begin selling Slash Cards on September 12, 2016!

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