Slash Cards: The Horror Movie Trivia Game

Slash Cards: The Horror Movie Trivia Game

CORONAVIRUS NOTICE: Slash Cards is temporarily unavailable for purchase due to new restrictions on nonessential businesses in the state of New Mexico. We are staying home for the time being, but we will get Slash Cards up and running again as soon as we can. Until then, please stay safe, be smart, and wash your hands!

Slash Cards is a horror movie trivia game for 1-6 players. It consists of two card decks: The Trivia Deck, and The Categories Deck. The Trivia Deck contains 1,375 questions that span the entire history of horror cinema.

The trivia questions cover everything from the silent era all the way up to films released in 2015, including classics like The Exorcist and Halloween, lesser-known movies like Motel Hell and Session 9, and foreign horror films like Eyes Without A Face and REC.

Slash Cards is more than just a box of trivia. Players can choose between two horror-themed game modes: The Slasher and The Survivor.

In The Slasher, players take turns drawing Category Cards and answering questions. The first player to collect a card from each of the game's five categories wins, but watch out! If you draw a Slash Card you forfeit all your cards and start over.

In The Survivor, each player begins with a full suite of Category Cards. Each time a player answers a question incorrectly they lose one of their cards. The last player with at least one card in their hand is the winner.

Horror fans of all levels will love Slash Cards. Add it to your collection today!

$ 29.99